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Banned in China: After gaining widespread popularity thanks to the success of the Chinese rap reality show, The Rap of China in 2017, the Chinese government started clamping down on hip hop the following year. Big Applesauce: Hip-Hop as we know it was born in the Bronx borough and, for a time, was exclusive to New York. Broken Base: And how! Read the entry for details. Controversy-Proof Image: Exceptions being Ice-T's "Cop Killer" controversy, which for all intents and purposes ruined his mainstream career as a rappernote Even though the Body Count album was Heavy Metal, not rap and Nelly, due to the "Tip Drill" controversy. Possibly Public Enemy as well thanks to Professor Grif's comments about Jews. Cool Car: Exotic cars , low-riders and modded car culture in general has always been a huge part of hip-hop culture. Distaff Counterpart: R&B music has become this to Hip Hop. It's very rare for a urban radio station to play Hip Hop and not also play R&B. And much like Rap is a male dominated genre, R&B is female dominated. Record labels often feature upcoming R&B acts on established Rap artist singles since the genres share overlapping target demographics. Domestic Abuse: There's a lot of songs covering the issue. Early-Installment Weirdness: Old-school hip-hop, the first form of the genre, was simply a subgenre of later-period disco that traded out traditional melodic vocals for rhythm-oriented rapping, born out of the technique's popularity in low-income urban communities. Most notably, "Rapper's Delight", hip-hop's Breakthrough Hit, was based around the backing track to Chic's "Good Times". As the genre evolved, it incorporated elements of rock, R&B, and Synth-Pop, eventually becoming far-removed from its disco roots. Enemies Equals Greatness: A lot of rap songs are all over this trope, especially songs from the Glam Rap and Swag Rap sub-genres. Just about every rapper loves to talk about their "haters" in their lyrics. Executive Meddling: Especially after it became profitable. Fandom Rivalry: Whoo boy!... Follow the Leader: Oh yes, also a huge cause of Hip-Hop beef and Fandom Rivalry. For the Evulz: The lyrics to Horrorcore Rap, and some forms of hardcore hip-hop and gangsta rap. Freestyle Version: Extremely frequent in the culture. Genre Turning Point: Circa 1988, where hip hop broke into the mainstream, and the beginning of the Golden Age. Gun Porn: A feature of the Gangsta Rap subgenre - discussing guns, and on rare occasions showing them off in music videos. Hotter and Sexier: Specifically the music videos around the turn of the century. Which ironically makes the old 2 Live Crew videos tame by today's standards.. Intercourse with You: This is dirty rap's very fundament, although songs about sex from artist who don't fall into that determinate subgenre are not unheard of. It's Popular, Now It Sucks!: Many fans of the genre (especially ones who are music enthusiasts) often cry foul when one of their favorite rappers becomes "too popular", and tend to ignore what tops the charts deliberately. Lighter and Softer: Current form of hip-hop is accused of this. Not just for specific artists but the genre as a whole, according to some. Magazine Decay: Some feel this way about hip-hop magazines, And not just The Source either. Mean Character, Nice Actor: Despite a lot of rappers and hip-hop artists having mean/hateful/rude/arrogant/narcissistic lyrics in their songs, plenty of them are genuinely nice/humble/down-to-earth people in real life. Money to Throw Away: Literally, common in gangsta rap videos, the artist will flash cash, and start dealing out bills onto the ground to show that they make so much money (typically in the drug trade) they can throw it around. Motor Mouth: Fairly common in the genre as a whole, especially among Midwestern artists (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Twista were the first major mainstream proponents of the "chopper" style, which emphasizes extremely fast and precise deliveries with no


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