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The Office - Morocca...

The deaths of at least 23 migrants seeking to reach Spanish territory from Morocco should be investigated urgently by both countries, the UN rights office, OHCHR, said on Tuesday, reacting also to reports overnight of of least 50 migrants found dead in a truck in southern Texas.

The Office - Morocca...

The opening of a Prosper Africa office to be based in Morocco. Through the Prosper Africa initiative, the U.S. Government aims to support $1 billion in new two-way trade and investment deals between the United States and Morocco, as well as countries across North Africa, over the next four years.

EPO President António Campinos and thenew Director General of the Moroccan Office of Industrial andCommercial Property (OMPIC) MrAbdelaziz Babqiqi have met for the first time atan online meeting on 22 September, opening a new chapter ofco-operation between their offices.

The meeting concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understandingbetween the EPO and OMPIC, under which OMPIC becomes the 31st IPoffice to classify technical documents using the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC).

"This agreement opens a new chapter in co-operation withMorocco's IP office, which has been part of the EPO's validation systemsince it was established," said António Campinos. "By starting to use theCPC, OMPIC has taken a further step towards integrating the country's growinginnovation ecosystems with global efforts, in which the EPO plays a lead role,to make patent information more accessible to inventors around theworld."

On November 21, 2022, Moroccan authorities arrested the 80-year-old president of the Rabat Bar Association and former human rights minister, Mohamed Ziane. According to a statement by the Moroccan Committee for the Support of Prisoners of Conscience, Ziane was arrested at his lawyer's office in Rabat by 20 plainclothes security officers who stormed the office and arrested him without presenting any judicial warrant.

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