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Mastering Football Corner Kick Betting: Expert Tips for Success 

While penalty bets may be rare, corner kick odds, yellow card odds, and score difference odds are ever-present in football matches.

In today's article, let's delve into corner kick odds and some international football tips  for making the most accurate predictions for this type of betting.

Understanding Corner Kick Odds

What are Corner Kick Odds?

Corner kick odds, also known as Corners bets, refer to betting related to corner kicks in football matches, such as the number of corner kicks, which team takes the first corner kick, odd or even numbers, etc.

These bets also come in live formats, meaning bets can be placed while the game is in progress. When opting for corner kick odds, the focus lies solely on the total number of corner kicks in the first half or throughout the match.

Thus, the final outcome of the game, which team wins or loses, or the number of goals scored, becomes irrelevant.

Exploring Corner Kick Odds

Apart from predicting the total number of corner kicks, bookmakers offer various betting options such as which team takes the first corner kick, which team takes the last one, etc. Players base their predictions on team performance, playing strategies, match dynamics, and the tournament's nature to make the best forecasts.

Bookmakers also adjust the odds continuously to suit different stages of the match. Players need to make quick decisions not to miss out on the best odds available at different times.

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Mastering Corner Kick Odds for Every Match

Corner kick betting comes in various forms, allowing us to choose one or multiple betting options.

1. Understanding Handicap Corner Kick Odds

Handicap corner kick bets are prevalent in almost all matches and tournaments across various bookmakers. To set these odds, bookmakers consider multiple factors, including player performance and the tournament's level.

Players need to select either the handicap or the number they are given by the bookmaker.

The final result is determined based on the total number of corner kicks by both teams throughout the match, deciding the winner. Players predict which team will have more corner kicks and receive rewards if their prediction is correct.

2. Analyzing Total Corner Kick Odds for the Whole Match

Total corner kick odds or Over/Under bets involve predicting the total number of corner kicks by both teams. Similar to handicap bets, only the total number matters.

Bookmakers provide a benchmark number, and players bet on whether the actual number of corner kicks will be higher or lower. For instance, if the bookmaker sets the number at 5, if the total corner kicks in the match exceed 5, the Over bet wins; otherwise, the Under bet wins.

These bets provide more options, including half-time and full-time totals, offering a wider range of choices for players. Additionally, they may be included in live betting options, enhancing excitement and attracting more players.

The potential winnings from total corner kick bets equal the wager multiplied by the odds. Players lose their initial stake if they lose the bet.

3. Analyzing Odd and Even Corner Kick Odds

Betting on odd or even corner kicks is relatively straightforward, predicting whether the total number of corner kicks will be an odd or even number in the first half, second half, or throughout the match. For example, if there are a total of 2 corner kicks in the first half, the player betting on even wins.

This method applies similarly to full-time or second-half betting. If the prediction is correct, players win according to the bookmaker's odds; otherwise, they lose their initial bet.

4. Betting on First and Last Corner Kick

Bookmakers now offer bets on predicting which team will take the first or last corner kick in a match.

  • First Corner Kick: Players predict the team that will be awarded the first corner kick. Even if a match is canceled, the bet remains valid.

  • Last Corner Kick: Players forecast the team that will take the final corner kick. However, unlike the first corner kick bet, this bet is void if the match is canceled.

In the event of their favorite tournament being canceled or delayed due to Covid, players can explore virtual football betting experiences.

Top 8 Expert Tips for Corner Kick Betting Mastery

To make accurate predictions and secure wins, professional players suggest essential tips for corner kick betting:

  • Friendlies tend to have fewer corner kicks, while intense matches have higher probabilities.

  • Stay updated with the game to make precise assessments and capitalize on high odds provided by bookmakers.

  • Analyze pre-match factors like team line-ups, tactics, injuries, etc., to estimate corner kick frequencies.

  • When both teams are evenly matched, opt for total corner kick bets.

  • Offensive-oriented matches usually result in more corner kicks than defensive ones.

  • Study recent corner kick statistics of both teams for informed predictions.

  • Teams with skilled midfielders and strikers tend to earn more corner kicks due to their attacking playstyles.

  • Observing first-half corner kick frequencies can provide insights into overall match corner kick tendencies.

Additionally, players can explore 13+ effective football betting tips for selecting favorable odds.

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Understanding corner kick odds is relatively simple once we familiarize ourselves with various betting forms in football betting.

However, simplicity doesn't guarantee success without adequate skills and experience. Hopefully, through the insights shared above, you've gained substantial knowledge to enhance your success rate and earn substantial profits from bookmakers.

Don't forget to explore further resources on football betting terminology in English to comprehend the language and jargon used by betting enthusiasts.


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