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Bluray Rogue One Online 2016 Movie Watch

When Rogue One: A Star Wars Story released in December 2016 it was a simpler time. The Force Awakens had predictably smashed box office records the year prior, Colin Trevorrow was still set to direct Star Wars Episode IX, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller were about to start filming their own anthology movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. Disney was on top of the galaxy and with so many potential movie rumors floating around, something akin to a Star Wars Cinematic Universe looked all but a certainty.

Bluray Rogue One Online 2016 Movie Watch

Andor is the latest series in the franchise, but it takes place before a significant movie, Rogue One. Andor tells the story of Cassian Andor, but also fleshes out the rising rebellion. That rebellion has been explored A New Hope, and then takes it up a gear in Rogue One. Watching Andor here gives you backstory for that plays out in A New Hope and Rogue One. Yes, there's also some arguement for watching Andor after Rogue One, because there's origin on many of the characters, but we think it fits the timeline better watched first.

The "Machete Order" basically cuts The Phantom Menace from your movie rewatch, because many people don't enjoy that film. It preserves the "I am your father" moment. But it was created in 2011, so it doesn't include the sequels and is no longer a complete order.

This year I have been trying to watch movies that I haven't seen before or what the Schmoes may say are my Blind Spots. This past weekend I went on a Kevin Smith tour and on to other movies. Two of these movies were Chasing Amy and Jaws. As I was watching and enjoying Jaws I was having a bit of deja vu when the 3 men discussed different scars on their body and it took me back to a scene in Chasing Amy when Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams were discussing some different types of battle wounds.

Watched Blood Machines, a pretty cool movie. Well, I actually watched Knocks Schiller (Also mods, admins, please don't censor the name, Knocks Schiller is not the guy's real name) (Who backed the movie on Kickstarter and received a digital copy for it) stream it on one site where multiple people can watch it.

I know I'm YEARS late to the party, but I finally went through all of my DVD/Bluray's and went online and entered all the little digital codes for online movies. Even though many of the paper slips said they expired, they actually still worked. I only ended up with a handful of movie codes that actually did expire.


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