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Lovers Games ((HOT))

And finally, there was the surreal Covid sales bump in spring of this year, when widespread lockdowns meant people were stuck at home playing video games. Sales went back to normal fairly quickly, though.

Lovers Games

When natural disasters threaten our power supply--as they've been doing often lately, it seems--they threaten our access to the Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and the rich collection of divertissement we call The Internet. So we've eyed our board game collections with a little more interest in the past few weeks. Luckily a new crop of games aimed at food and wine lovers offers a wealth of unplugged ways to celebrate gustatory delights. Here's a taste.

WASABI!If you love sushi but don't have the time to perfect the art at home, try rolling a la card--ingredient cards, that is. WASABI! tests your knowledge of sushi ingredients, ranging from the simple California roll (avocado, cucumber, crab, and rice) to the more complex poison pill roll (blowfish, eel, crab, yellowtail, and rice) by asking you to assemble ingredient tiles to build the correct combinations. (Z-Man games, $39.99 at

I playtested this game and it is FANTASTIC. It includes everything you need to pick up and play, and it's super well-designed to play online without long gaps and waiting around (which can happen with online games). Definitely check it out!

Some games are not strictly racing or car games per se, but they feature some great gameplay with cars as part of the plot or mission. Examples of these are the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and the Saints Row franchises. These are open-world games where users can pick up a plethora of cars along the way. These range from commuter sedans and family station wagons to luxury rides and extreme sports cars. Sometimes boats, motorcycles, and even planes can be used as well.

It can be difficult to shop for gamers around Christmas time, with the range of video games, accessories, consoles, and other fun items being frankly overwhelming. Choosing the right game requires knowing the existing taste of the PlayStation lover in your life. Determining the right accessories is all about analysing their current set-up, and where you can improve things.


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