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DEVOUR Download PC Game

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DEVOUR Download PC Game


DEVOUR is a premium adventure game for PC from developer Straight Back Games. It is a survival horror with supernatural themes that have players work together and fight for their lives as they try to escape from possessed cultists who aim to drag them down to hell.

If you're feeling extra brave, you could give Nightmare Mode a try. Given the randomized nature of the levels ought to keep tensions and unpredictability high, as well as offer plenty of replayability. One important thing to take note of is that the game features a lot of flashing lights and pulses. It will not be suitable for anyone with photosensitivity or anyone with epileptic conditions.

All in all, DEVOUR is definitely a frightening and memorable game that any fan of the horror genre should experience. It's well-designed, challenging, and offers tons of replayability with its randomly-generated levels. Whether you plan to play it alone or with friends, you're going to have one hell (pun intended) of a time with it. Highly recommended.

By seduce the sheep with grass, you can catch the sheep, and catch the sheep to the altar behind the house to burn. You need oil to burn sheep and burn 10 to win the game. Teammates who fell to the ground can see through the medical kit, and the medical kit can save teammates who fell on the ground. Ultraviolet flashlight (right mouse button) can shoot the kid to kill it, and the mother sheep can also shoot it, but it will only cause stiffness (multiple people can take photos of the mother sheep at the same time to soothe it).

1) Download the game using a Torrent program or Direct program2) Extract the game to your preferred location with WinRar or 7-Zip3) Wait for the extraction to end4) No need to install the game, just start with the LAUNCHER of the game as administrator5) Play!

1) Download Steam-Fix V42) Copy the content of this crack to your game folder3) Start Steam , go to your profile.4) Run the game through DEVOUR.exe which is in the game folder.5) In-game -> Creating a server : Create server -> Start server -> We are waiting for other players to join.Connection : Join Game -> We connect to any server.6) Play & Enjoy !

Devoured is a co-op horror survival game for 1-4 players. Stop an obsessed cult leader before she drags you to hell with her. Run. Scream. Hide. Just don't get caught. DO YOU HAVE STEEL NERVES?

  • Take control of up to 4 cult members in this unique online co-op experience in which you must work together to stop Anna, an obsessed cult leader, from taking you to Hell.Single player modeFor hardcore gamers only. In this mode, you scream everything yourself.

  • Challenging gameplayNo two DEVOUR playthroughs are ever the same. To stop Anna you need a focused team and perfect execution with a single session lasting up to an hour.

  • More cards, more fearExperience a whole new dimension of fear every time a card is released for DEVOUR. Each brand new environment brings horrific, original imagery, fresh characters, updated game mechanics, and novel horrors.

Notice: Devour is an unfinished student project from my time spent in my high school's game design class. Do not expect a complete or polished experience. Its availability here is archival.

this game is great for some high schoolers , had some great art design elements and liked how the shotgun felt wished you guys ended up finishing it would of been great as a full game in the roguelike genre

Players can team up in groups with three others and choose their playable character. There are currently eight different cultists, each with their own funny bio message and unlockable cosmetics. However, these characters don't offer additional gameplay benefits and are merely for appearance purposes. Anna is a playable cultist that must be unlocked through specific means. Players may recognize her as the first possessed cultist boss. Here's how to unlock Anna in Devour.

Long-time Devour fans will recognize Anna Puerta from the original Devour map The Farmhouse, back when it was the game's introductory map to ease intrepid players into the challenging survival horror game. The first possessed cultist that players will encounter is Anna, as they are forced to explore her home, searching for keys to locked rooms.

In order to unlock Anna as a playable character, players need to complete any of Devour's available maps while in Hardmode. Once they've accomplished this task, they should be able to choose Anna to play in their next games. She has some in-game cosmetics for players to unlock, like her Mistress of Sin skin. This gorgeous grunge outfit seems inspired by Marvel's Scarlet Witch's signature outfit, as she is decked out in a blood-red flowing gown with curled demon horns and a demonic sigil necklace to complete the look. Happy demon exorcizing!

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WHAT IS DEVOUR?DEVOUR is a 1-4 player Co-op Survival Horror Game. This game was released and published by Straight Back Games on January 28th 2021.Work alone or as a team to banish Azazel and his minions. Collect items to complete the rituals to finally banish Azazel. Use Ritual Tokens to unlock Perks, Collect the Robes and enjoy the scares!

Co-op survival horrors seem to be coming thick and fast during this pandemic. It makes sense - they are games relatively easy to make and pull in a few hours of multiplayer fun during these trying times. DEVOUR feels like another one of those games that we can pick up, have a few jump-scares, a couple of chuckles, and leave it all behind.

DEVOUR looks like it wants to offer more than just a minimalist survival horror, though. There's a thick narrative around the game, supplemented with more detailed visuals to serve the plotline justice. Maybe the game is a starting point for an evolution in the constant wheel of samey indie survival horror games? Only one way to find out, join the cult.

DEVOUR is a 1-4 player coop game that encourages you to play with friends. Though you can play solo, you just don't get the same enjoyment out of it without others. As an indie survival horror game, you can be assured that three things will be present in the gameplay. Those are jump-scares, interactions with one horrible monster, and short playthroughs.

You've probably guessed DEVOUR has them all. So what sets it apart from any other survival horror game? Well, not a lot, all things considered. However, we'll argue in favor of the game that the quality seems to trump the majority of the stack. The narrative does create engagement, the objectives are enthralling, and the scares are legit.

Yes, DEVOUR is short, sometimes it seems a little gimmicky, but players won't feel like they've been taken for a ride. It's a game where you can indeed enjoy for a few hours and share the experience of breaking the demon's hold on the possessed cultists. As far as what you have to do, we'll leave that to you not to spoil the thrills!

The benefit is that it does have some replayability, and the gameplay is polished, which is an admirable feat. The problem is that it isn't the memorable survival horror it tries to be. It's not a benchmark for evolution in the series, nor will it lead to bigger and better things. DEVOUR is just a decent multiplayer survival horror game.

So, is DEVOUR worth the investment? Well, you can't say no. The game's price point is very reasonable, almost like it knew it would be one of those single-evening party games. However, you can't go into the game with high expectations. It's not a survival horror game made to last like Dead by Daylight.

Regardless, DEVOUR is accessible to the masses. If you can tolerate jump scares, you'll be able to play without issues. Get your friends around, grab some popcorn, and be entertained at how everyone handles the horrific challenges in the game. Just don't expect that you'll be playing the game beyond a few hours.

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