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Mxgp2-the-official-motocross-videogame [UPD]

MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame was the first in a series of racing video games developed and published by Milestone. The game was released worldwide on 18 November 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360.[1]


The third installment in the series, now MXGP3 and dropping "The Official Videogame" from its title, was released on 12 May 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.[2] It was released in November 2017 for Nintendo Switch.[3] MacOS and Linux ports by Virtual Programming were released in November 2018.[4][5][6]

MXGP2: The Official Motocross Videogame is a decent motocross racing game that could benefit from some energy and life in the presentation, but the interesting modes and gameplay to keep it from falling over. MXGP2: The Official Motocross Videogame is a vast improvement over its predecessor, while still lacking a bit of personality, does make up for it in gameplay.

One of the biggest complaints with the last game was the lack of control over the bike and the rider. Momentum and physics play a big part of motocross, so having full control over your movement is vital to ensuring an authentic experience. Milestone S.r.l. have nailed the bike physics this time round, giving players separate control over the bike and the driver. The rider's weight is mapped to the right analogue stick, and can be used to help the bike through tight corners and adjust to bumps and ramps in the track. The left stick controls the bike, along with clutch controls on the shoulder buttons with the standard brake and accelerate.

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The game is based on the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship, and is centered on the player's goal to win the world title at the Netherlands Motocross Grand Prix. It will include both online and offline modes, vehicle and rider customization, and indoor arena events. Check out some screenshots in the gallery below.

MXGP2 is the evolution of the Official Motocross Videogame experience, based on the FIM Motocross World Championship license with updated tracks and riders, including Glen Helen and the new Americas tracks. Players also have the chance to ride in two brand new indoor stadiums to test their riding abilities and take part, for the first time ever in a cross videogame, in the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations! Customise every part of your bike, rider, and team, and hone your stills in test track performances.

Oh my lord, words cannot describe how BAD this game is. As someone that's ridden & raced MX bikes since the age of 12 (I'm now 47!) this game is appalling and whoever put this together knows absolutely nothing about MX, the tracks are rubbish, there's only one rider position (third person view), it's naggingly ungainly to play and worst of all the bikes sound like some annoying fly buzzing around, they sound ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING. Simply my advice would be to save your money, go and buy a little plastic model, build yourself a little dirt track in the garden and play MX that way, I guarantee you will get more satisfaction doing this than playing this pile of cr* can I have my money back....??????

If you're a newcomer to the world of motocross then MXGP 2, the sequel to the rather disappointing MXGP, will lend you training wheels in the beginning. The game offers up a tutorial which teaches you to control all those hefty horse powers through some bumpy tracks. To control a vehicle on two wheels through muddy obstacles is much harder than you might imagine, and it certainly provides a different challenge to what you'll face in the average, four-wheeled racing game. You need to keep your focus to maintain your stability.

Without a doubt, we're bigger fans of motor vehicles with four wheels than two, but we have enjoyed various MX-games in the past. That being said, the best part of the MX vs ATV-series was the supercross where you could have some fun and do tricks on a closed track. MXGP 2 is focused solely on the racing aspect of the sport, which can be a little tiresome after several hours behind the bars.

Just so we're clear, this game is mainly about the career mode and not the online element, unlike many other games in the genre. Milestone is not known for having the best servers for it's games, and MXGP 2 is unfortunately no exception. There are a lot of connection issues, not least graphics that make you think the game has had a seizure, no matter how stable your internet connection. Combined these made the online mode almost unplayable for us. Career mode, on the other hand, is fortunately much better.

When we reviewed Dirt Rally we commended it for its audio. You can really tell what a rally car sounds like in that game. With MXGP 2 you get the exact opposite for the bikes. We're tempted to say that when we placed playing cards through the spokes on the wheels of our bicycles as kids, we got a more realistic sound than what Milestone has been able to create in this game. It sounds more like a bunch of vacuum cleaners are running through the mud than motorcycles, and even if that could be amusing on a late Saturday night, fans of the sport will not appreciate it. When it comes to motorsport, audio is half the experience. 041b061a72


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