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Passware Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic T2 Add-on runs on Windows or macOS and requires a connection of the target Mac with a USB-C or Thunderbolt cable during the password recovery process. The tool also needs an image of the target Mac (can be acquired in "Target Disk Mode" using a forensic tool of your choice).

Passware Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic T2 Add-on is available for law enforcement and other types of government organizations and private companies with justifiable business needs, such as forensic firms or corporate investigation teams. All orders are subject to manual verification.

Effective forensic exams require a quality forensic workstation, built from components that maximize efficiency when imaging, extracting, parsing and analyzing. Unfortunately, the realities of budgetary constraints can act in direct opposition to these needs. Our goal is to offer machines that combine high-level components to streamline your exams, while remaining budget-friendly. There are three standard configurations to suit your specific needs: Mobile Examiner, Mobile Examiner and Password Cracker and Mobile/Computer Examiner.

The Mobile Examiner build of the X6 is designed to run mobile forensics utilities quickly and efficiently, allowing for fast acquisition and analysis of mobile devices. Each includes:

While Passware is meant for investigative purposes only and is targeted both by intent and price to forensics institutions, Passware CEO Dmitry Sumin acknowleged that the software being available does pose a potential threat in a press release:

But for forensics examiners, getting access to that information could be imperative. At Passware, we work to create that balance. We provide the technology that allows LE to decrypt lawfully accessed devices.

Forensic software developer PassWare announced a new version of its eponymous software forensics kit on Tuesday. Already several news sources are writing about how the program can automatically obtain the login password from a locked or sleeping Mac simply by plugging in a USB flash drive containing their software and connecting it to another computer


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