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Back For The First Time Ludacris Rar !!HOT!!

Always and Forever- Luther Vandross- the most overplayed wedding song of all time- I banned the DJ from even bringing it to my first wedding.....Blind Man in the Bleachers- Kenny Starr- need I say more?Hell of a list Ken- makes one ponder....

back for the first time ludacris rar

Wow, great list, despite the fact that I like a few of those tunes. Which ones? Look, a squirrel!Let me add one that actually made the top 40 in the early 70's but which I heard for the first time only a week or so ago, courtesy of the terrific Casey Kasem reruns on XM: The Battle Hymn of Lt. Calley, by C Company featuring Terry Nelson. This sympathetic portrayal of Calley is a double threat: a lousy song that's also heinous!

FWIW, Terry Jacks was the brother of Susan Jacks, singer for the Poppy Family, which made Ken's list with "Which way you going, Billy". The family must be so proud. I would suggest to the committee that we retire their microphones, along with two time nominee Bobby Goldsboro. Also to rj marcel..regarding the 90's and today (gawd, I sound like a radio sell-line)...I'm guessing the reason for the lack of suggestions from this era is that it's so totally devoid of well, anything. It's akin to shooting fish in a barrel. It's not truly horrible enough, but at the same time there's nothing good to say about it either. It's just there.Not to get to wordy on this but a few years back I listening to an album of black and country artists doing duets (Rhythm, Country and Blues) and Travis Tritt and Patti LaBelle covered "When Something is wrong with my baby". Towards the end of the song when Patti goes off and is being Patti, it gave me goosebumps and I realized what's missing in music these days. Emotion. There isn't any. Listen to anything on the radio these days and it lacks it. Thank you and I'll get off my soapbox and my keyboard.(Great word verifications again: bbssx and kuvfu)

Funny you mention Bobby Goldsboro. We have a local kids charity called the Crusade for Children. They decided during the yearly telethon to replay the time when Bobby was here recently to perform for the show. It was enough to make me want to drive to the theatre and demand my donation back. These days he looks like Tony Orlando. Which brings to mind.....Candida... perhaps the only hit about a woman named after a yeast infection. .

3/18/ wrote:I used to hate "MacArthur's Park" as a child, until I've heard the many other cover versions of it. Serious jazz musicians like Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson both took a crack at the song, and came up with some interesting arrangements with it that made me appreciate the song as an adult. On the other hand, if you ask Tony Bennett about his cover version of it, he'll just complain about it, it must have been a miserable experience for him. "Honey" usually makes just about everyone's list of least favorites, unless you are a middle-aged woman who wants to annoy men with the song, just like Peg Bundy annoyed Al Bundy with it. Along with "Dominique" and "I Am woman", these were Ed's three most despised songs. However, when it comes to Bobby Goldsboro, how come nobody mentions his more decent songs like "Voodoo Woman" or "If You've got A Heart" anymore? These songs were enormously popular in the Detroit area along with the numerous Motown songs. If you want my unfavorite songs here they are:1)Greatest Love of All (sorry to intrude on the recent passing of Whitney Houston,but there was a time in the early 90's I thought she was too overexposed and wished she would go away for a few years, if not die for unexpected reasons. The fact she out-sold Elvis and The Beatles alone made me nervous.)2)Anything by Garth brooks until he issued that Chris Gaines album.(Just like Houston,Garth's publicists claimed he sold more records than Elvis and The Beatles,so for a good ten years or so, I'd wish he'd vanish. A lot of people hate the Chris Gaines concept, but I say it's faiulure made him more human. He witnessed a giant bomb for the first time in his career, and has been cautious in the decade that followed ever since.)3) If you Wanna Be Happy(catchy, but misogynistic by today's standards. It was considered a parody of Harry Belafonte's calypso song "Ugly Woman".)4)Arlo Guthrie's "The Motorcycle Song" from 1977 with the emphasis placed on describing the pickle.(The original 1967 version was great, the 1968 live version was okay, if a little long in detail and a bit drug-oriented.However, the 1977 live version , where Arlo goes into a batty converstion with hitting a guy with a giant pickle, all I can say is ...WTF?!..what does that have to do with motorcycles? Arlo must have been really stoned out at the time before he took up Roman Catholocism.)5.Mr. Moonlight (my choice for the worst Beatles' cover. The original version done live at the Cavernin 1962 is superior,for it goes with a steady beat, with no overt-dramaticism with the organ.)6)Old McDonald (The worst Elvis song. Catchy, but the words are ridiculous.)7)Get your Biscuits out of the oven and get your buns in the bed(Okay, is there any other reason why the world has a pissed-off organization like NOW who wants to take over Congress, than for the exsistence of stupid novelty songs like this. Come on, Kinky, you can be funny, but like Ray Stevens, you've turned into a smug right-winged bore of late.)8)She's Goin' Bald (the worst Beach boys song, and a reason a lot of Beach Boys fans hate Mike Love. Honestly, he turned down the collaborations of Brian & Van Dyke Parks for silly little ditties like this? As the just-released "Smile" sessions show, this one started out as a ditty called "He Gives Speeches", and that song seems slightly better than the re-write.)9)The Legendary Stardust Cowboy A/K/A Norman Oden's "Paralyzed"(This wasn't even a song, just two-and a half minutes of noise pollution.What was George Schlatter thinking (or smoking) the day he decided to give this no-talent a shot on "Laugh-In"?)

I did a search for books with the word "days" in the title at and got back 248 hits. The first 78 were computer books (number 79 was Learn Bengali in 30 days). I replaced "days" with "hours" and got remarkably similar results: 253 more books, with 77 computer books followed by Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours at number 78. Out of the top 200 total, 96% were computer books. 350c69d7ab


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