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Blue Lock Episode 17

When the game continues, Isagi knows that the red team is now wary of Nagi and Mikage is man-marking Isagi to stop him from passing to Nagi. Even if Isagi manages to pass to Nagi, the rest will position themselves to outnumber him. Kunigami isn't tightly marking Baro as he only needs to shut down Baro. Everyone right now knows that Baro is useless in this game. But because of that, Isagi decides to play with Baro. As Isagi dribbles towards Baro, the red team is surprised and Kunigami moves to shut down Baro, but Isagi wanted exactly that as he then passes towards Nagi. Chigiri prepares to face Nagi, but Mikage tells him to not fall for it as Nagi will then evade him. Chigiri then stops himself before Nagi controls the ball and blocks him. Mikage joins Chigiri, leaving no chance for Nagi to pass them. Baro then runs on the side, wanting the ball, but Kunigami covers him. Nagi then realizes that everyone is focused on what he is doing, but from his point of view, the space he only sees, he sees Isagi waiting to emerge from a blind spot. Nagi then states he kept his eyes on Isagi and passes to him. The red team then realizes all of this was to get Isagi on goal, and Baro was a decoy. Isagi notes that you can't change anyone, so its you who has to change. Isagi then scores, lowering the red team's lead to 3-2. Baro realizes that Isagi used him to score the goal himself. Isagi calls Baro "donkey", an insult Baro often calls other, and to continue playing the way he is playing and not getting in their way. Baro gets angry and wants to prove that he is the king of the field.

Blue Lock Episode 17


The red team is with the ball again and Chigiri knows that if they keep relying on their weapons, Isagi will keep reading them and shut them down. As Mikage passes him, Chigiri knows that his weakness is when he takes the ball and controls it, which slows him down and Nagi will the use that moment to block him. Because of that, Chigiri decides to risk it propel the ball with his first touch without stopping it, so that he can continue running. As he does it, he keeps his distance from Nagi. Baro comes tackling him, but Chigiri jumps over him and then shoots and scores. Nagi realizes that Chigiri evolved. Isagi finds this awesome and states that an egoist who gets buried before them can't become the world's best striker.

Blue Lock is back this week with an entire episode spent in the match and on the pitch, with some exciting goals, evolving skills, and great plays. "Donkey" never strays away from the ongoing match between Isagi, Nagi, and Barou against Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami - that's right, no flashbacks, no side stories, nothing. Just on the pitch, intense soccer action! For those who are watching Blue Lock for the soccer, Episode 17 is amazing. But for anyone who is more interested in human relationships and character development, "Donkey" is sorely lacking.

Blue Lock has slipped back down into the 6th position on the Winter Anime Rankings from MyAnimeList, though it maintains its consistent score of 8.27 for yet another week. The second half of the anime, which has been airing since January, has definitely switched its focus to more strategy and soccer plays rather than drama and shocking developments, which may have switched who exactly is enjoying the story the most. Anyway, with seven more episodes to go anything can still happen - and other players that seem to have temporarily fallen through the cracks, like Raichi and Gagamaru, are at least having some screen time in the additional time after the credits roll.

"Donkey" is named because that is what Barou always calls Isagi, and has ever since they first met. It was a great name for this episode as well, because Barou had a major reality check during it. He remains determined to selfishly want to win only by scoring his own goals; even more than other players in Blue Lock are focused on their own skills alone (something cultivated by Ego) over teamwork, Barou takes it to another level. Even if it means losing the match, he will never pass the ball, and won't build any plays with Isagi and Nagi.

The best moment of the episode, and one of the best of the season so far, is when Isagi learns how to just use Barou's style to his own advantage. Rather than working with Barou as a team player, he adapts his own play style to score off of Barou's narrow-mindedness. And when he uses it to score a goal, taking advantage of Barou entirely, he has his chance to call Barou a donkey right back. And it was well-earned.

Speaking of Isagi's adaptive style, he had another great episode of development as far as his soccer skills go. We just learned that Isagi is a genius of adaptability, able to learn from others on the field and adjust his own play style to set up goals whether for himself or his teammates. And he did it again in Episode 17. Isagi and Nagi are strong teammates already, but Isagi was able to use Barou's flaws to the advantage of their own team, and Nagi was luckily able to keep up with him.

There have been a lot of moments throughout Blue Lock where Isagi and his secret weapons have been boring, pale in comparison to the other characters. But sometimes it really comes together and makes him a cool leading character again, and this episode was one of those times. For all the soccer fans out there, seeing Isagi conceptualize the situation on the field and all the players' strength and weaknesses, and then formulate how to score a goal, is really satisfying!

"Donkey" ended with a score of 3-3, with the Red and White Teams both at a draw. The first team to score 5 goals will progress to the next stage - and take one of the players from the losing team with them - so it is still anyone's match. The Red Team showed this episode that they are able to work as a cohesive, powerful unit, even if Reo's motivations may be in the wrong place. But the White Team is still a wild card; Isagi may have awakened a new skill, but Barou remains the same problem he has been since the start.

Another factor making the ending of the match hard to predict is that Chigiri also had an evolution at the end of the episode, learning that he did not have to slow down to control the ball as it was passed to him. Coupled with his extreme speed on the pitch, it makes him extremely dangerous - and he did score a goal out of it, too. If the match is finished next week, it really could be anyone's game. Like we said last week, we are sure Isagi will move on as the main character, but can't predict if he will move forward on the winning team, or being chosen from the losing one.

If the White Team is going to win the match, Barou is going to have to do some serious soul-searching before next week's episode! It would be a good chance for him to have some seriously needed development, though, as most of the other characters have evolved a lot since they were first introduced, and he remains exactly the same. This episode set him up for a revelation next week, so we have our fingers crossed that is exactly what we get to see.

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be out two and a half hours after its release in Japan. In the United States, that would be at the following times on Saturday:

The previous episode saw Barou training with Isagi and Nagi, as it was quite evident that he was unwilling to cooperate with them. Later, the episode saw Isagi's team meeting with Chigiri, Kunigami, and Reo. It was Reo and Nagi's first confrontation since their separation.

Blue Lock episode 17 will be available on Crunchyroll in most parts of the world. It will also be available to stream on Netflix in select Asian countries, including Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Blue Lock episode 17 will see Isagi and Nagi try and come up with a solution to scoring goals on their own, given that Barou refuses to cooperate with his teammates. This might also lead the anime to reveal more about Barou as Isagi might attempt to understand the former's playing style and use him to his advantage.

Meanwhile, Reo, Chigiri, and Kunigami might show off their chemical reactions in Blue Lock episode 17 as Reo's dexterity allows Chigiri and Kunigami to run wild on the field, allowing them to perform counter-attacks swiftly. Thus, the upcoming episode could also feature Nagi and Reo taking on each other.

Blue Lock episode 16, titled Tri-Fusion, saw Isagi and Nagi train with Barou as they tried to copy Barou's strict training regimen. Later, as Isagi tried to understand Barou's ideal playstyle, he dismissed the question, revealing he was fine with any playstyle as long as he scored.

Blue Lock episode 17 will be released on Saturday, January 28 at 11:00 AM PST. Local networks like TV Asahi will air the new episode for fans in Japan, while international fans can enjoy it on Crunchyroll. Netflix is also airing the series, but only within select regions of Asia - India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. The release time will vary depending on your region.

The previous episode of Blue Lock was a reunion between former teammates, with us learning more about Barou. The episode ended with a match between Team Red and Team White, where the former (consisting of Chigiri, Kungami, and Reo) scored the first goal against Team White. In the upcoming episode, Team White will have to work as a team and use their respective weapons if they need to move forward in the second selection process.

An anime television series adaptation was announced on August 12, 2021. The series is produced by Eight Bit and directed by Tetsuaki Watanabe, with Shunsuke Ishikawa serving as assistant director, Taku Kishimoto overseeing the series' scripts, Masaru Shindō providing the main character designs and serving as chief animation director, Hisashi Tojima serving as chief action director, and Jun Murayama composing the music.[2] It ran for 24 episodes.[69] The series aired from October 9, 2022 to March 26, 2023 on TV Asahi's NUMAnimation [ja] block.[2][4][b] The first opening theme song is "Chaos ga Kiwamaru" (カオスが極まる, "Chaos Reigns") by Unison Square Garden, while the first ending theme song is "Winner" by Shugo Nakamura.[8] The second opening theme song is "Judgement" by Ash Da Hero, while the second ending theme song is "Numbness like a ginger" by Unison Square Garden.[71][72] Crunchyroll has licensed the series, and have streamed an English dub starting on October 22, 2022.[73][3] Medialink licensed the series in Asia-Pacific;[74] it is streamed on their Ani-One YouTube channel,[75] and on iQIYI,[76] bilibili,[77] Netflix,[78] and Animax Asia.[79] 041b061a72


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