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Dzuboks Magazin Set 13 Zip

the main editorial team of the magazine consisted of two intellectuals, two writers, one professor and an artist, while the rest of the staff worked in other capacities, including production personnel, sales people and printing personnel. the issues of duboks were designed by artists who drew the cover and interior pages in yellow. prior to each issue, the cover and interior pages were painted in white. (vueti, 89)

dzuboks magazin set 13 zip

besides the cover, which was often designed for a particular artist, the interior pages were also usually devoted to a particular artist. the first issue of duboks in 1966 featured a cover with the beatles and inside pages devoted to the rolling stones, the doors, led zeppelin, and others. (vueti, 66)

the front pages of each issue always featured two or three notable songs from a particular artist. most of the covers of duboks used an alternative design. one issue featured a cover with a lightning bolt and a tear dropping from its center to the ground while the next issue's cover featured a boy on his knees in front of a crocodile. the crocodile issued from the mouth of the boy's hand. karaklaji notes that the boy's hand was that of the underground poet vuk drašković. one issue of duboks was even dedicated to the artist, the first rock musician in the region, who died at the young age of 26. (vueti, 91)

karaklaji describes duboks as "a popular magazine with a strong editorial influence from belgrade" and notes that that influence was present even when the magazine was being published in various regions.


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