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Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games 2007 - Download Now and Challenge Your Friends

I have the cd of both the board games and the classic card games. Love both. However, neither work on Windows 10. Since I have already invested in the cd hard copy, would it be possible to get the download for my Samsung Tablet, at no extra cost? Thanks.

hoyle classic board games download

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

The overall whimsical approach may not appeal to all gamers, but Hoyle Board Games: 2001 Edition provides an ideal diversion for families or solo board game enthusiasts. A few complaints aside, it's one of the few collections of board games you'll ever need.

Board games are the oldest games on earth. The longevity of classics such as chess and backgammon, and even more recent games such as Connect Four and Mastermind, can be attributed to the simple fact that board games are an incredibly fun way to pass the time. The first rule of thumb for any good game - easy to learn, difficult to master - applies especially to the 16 fun and familiar games included in Sierra's new edition of Hoyle Board Games. The games have the same challenging play elements as that of their real-world counterparts, but they are enhanced with graphics and sound for a more engaging PC experience. The only real drawback is that if you're not new to the Hoyle Board Game series, you may not find much reason to upgrade to this version.

Besides standards such as chess, Chinese checkers, and mahjong, there are many other enjoyable games included in the package. Master Match is one of the new additions, which is Hoyle's version of Mastermind - it's played competitively with two boards. This actually ends up being one of the most addictive games in the lot. Some of the simpler games, such as Yahtzee and Line 'Em Up (Hoyle's version of Connect Four), also prove to be quite addictive. There's even a Tetris-style arcade game included, called Placer Racer, which is like the arcade favorite Bust-A-Move. Though it doesn't look all that great, it's still fast-paced and fairly fun.

The interface for each game is simple and intuitive. You can play most of the games entirely with the mouse, though using the keyboard is also an option. Some of the games use visual cues to make play decisions easier. For example, after you roll for a turn in backgammon, simply running your cursor over any of your pieces brings up a pop-up graphic on the board - the graphic illustrates all the possible moves for that piece. It's a nice feature, especially for those new to backgammon.

Some of the games, such as the Wordox Double Cross, are not formatted properly. The scores are literally placed on top of the player names, and other annoyances such as the timer placed right in the middle of the playing board. Didn't expect to see this from a Mac game. Disappointed.

Hoyle Classic Board Game Collection 2 is a pack with 5 board games. This application includes: Dominoes, Backgammon, Reversi, Yacht and Zilch. Learn, practice and master your favorite board games. Track your progress with in-game statistics and achievements.


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