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How to Enjoy The Mentalist Season 1 in High Definition: Tips and Tricks

In The Mentalist s season finale, Lisbon, who was kidnapped by Red John, began to suspect her captor was actually played by someone else. But Red John knew she was on to him, so he began to systematically discredit her. As the finale ended, it looked like Red John was about to kill his quarry by plunging her into the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean. But The Mentalist executive producer Erica Messer tells Ringer online that the finale will not end the way it appears.

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Also in the finale, agent Van Pelt, who has been steadily drinking herself sick over the season, was attacked in her car by a drunk driver. But she suffered only minor injuries in the smashup. So, also, will Season 4.

The biggest question for fans of The Mentalist will be how the show will feel without Thomas Cullen. During season 3,s final season, The Mentalist more than doubled the amount of time it spent in Lisbon and Patrick and company investigating a series of high-profile grisly murders. The first was the murder of D.B. Cooper, a man who boarded a plane that has never been seen or heard from since then, and whose final act was to parachute onto a Portland, Ore., highway, take $200 from the cashier and make his escape. Then, in a murder that had even the FBI stumped, an unassuming man named David Madsen was found dead in a secluded house outside Las Vegas. Madsen, a former buddy of the L.A.P.D.s Christopher Ferrara, was found dead with a rare and unknown poison coursing through his body. (The poison was never identified by the FBI. The closest they got was to suggest that John Doe 24, a mysterious killer who was the prime suspect in many of the killings, had fatally poisoned Madsen. But that theory has been long-debunked.) The killer was never caught. As a result of all this, The Mentalist wasted very little time investigating Madsen.


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