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Bared To You Movie 13 ##TOP##

The movie based on E.L. James' bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey is being released on Friday February 13. Pre-release publicity has not been overwhelmingly positive. Instead of going to a theatre this weekend, why not read a book? These books are similar to Fifty Shades of Gray but be warned--they are very racy.

bared to you movie 13

These editions are offered at a special price and feature the sizzling story you love with a new cover inspired by the Afterburn/Aftershock film. The movie releases on November 3, so there is still time to read the books before you watch.

Hardware received an X rating three times from the MPAA before finally achieving an R rating (a memorable sequence involving a malfunctioning door was the main culprit). Another controversy the film found itself embroiled in involved the comic book 2000 AD, which had a strip called SHOK in 1980 that bared several similarities to Hardware. Stanley maintained that he was more influenced by films like Soylent Green and Damnation Alley, but ultimately 2000 AD's publisher won a lawsuit against the film, and later editions of it give the comic book official credit.

Hardware's not going to be for everyone; I can certainly picture some people thinking it not deserving of high praise, thinking it's just another robot-run-amok movie. That's fine. For me, it's a savage, tightly-wound thriller that goes by shockingly fast and leaves you feeling a little worse for wear. As Iggy Pop (yes indeed!) as a hyper DJ named Angry Bob closes us out with some scary final thoughts (setting up a sequel that never happened), we find ourselves really, really hoping that, out of all the possible post-apocalyptic futures we may have in store for us, Hardware is just about the furthest from being possible.

Kristen Wiig is one of the biggest, most sought after actresses in the world. She does chick power movies like Bridesmaids and art films like The Skeleton Twins. Quite simply, as one of the world's biggest comedy stars, she doesn't need to go nude. But we're not gonna stop her if she tries again. Her raw, powerful full-frontal moment in Welcome to Me is (dare we say) needed in this dramedy, though. Let's just hope she keeps her clothes on for Ghostbusters.

When you blast on to the scene in a Disney film it is only a matter of time until you do a nude or scantily clad scene in an art film. (See Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers if you don't believe me). What made Anne Hathaway's nudes in this film so unexpected, was the fact that it didn't seem like anybody was talking about it. I guess this makes sense, this was a movie about two of Hollywoods hottest male actors making love with one another. Still, Anne Hathaway showing her stuff was unexpectedly great.

So we have this supernatural movie that was pretty darn good (considering the sad state of supernatural/horror movies at the start of the new millennium), Oscar caliber actors AND a wonderful shot of Katie Holmes' breasts. This scene was truly unexpected because no movie watcher saw it coming. I recall both saying and thinking, "Did I just see Katie Holmes breasts?" This moment was that unexpected and it made the literal reveal so much better because of it.

Okay, she showed us in Closer that she was essentially a perfect physical specimen. So one expected that when she did show more, it would be in an arty movie with class. You can check all of these boxes, but the movie in question is a short film that is a prologue to The Darjeeling Limited. Okay, we get it. George Lucas? She wears as many layers as possible. Wes Anderson? Darren Aronovsky? The girl can't wait to show some skin.

At this time in movies, Keira Knightley was nude at probably the moment she was biggest in her career. Every studio wanted her. She didn't need to display her breasts, yet she did in the opening of this film. This was unexpected. It also felt like a stunt. Don't get me wrong, Keira Knightley can be nude all day long, but in that movie, in that scene, in that context...It just came off as odd.

For a brief moment, during a well done Robert Rodriguez montage, we were given a nicely-shot glimpse of Salma Hayek's vulumptuous breasts. And then, for many years, until she did an art film here and there, we rarely saw this again. In the context of Desperado it made sense to see her boobs. That it took so long to see them on screen after that (when she was doing movies like From Dusk Till Dawn and dancing on the TV set in Four Rooms), made this whole episode something unexpectedly special.

Okay, in the first Hostel every girl that was killed was a 10. That movie was a statement on American's traveling to, and humping their way through, foreign lands. Hostel: Part II tried to expand on this. Sure, Heather Matarazzo might seem like the logical choice. Hostel: Part II was trying to be quirky and little bit different from its predecessor. It isn't that we don't want to see Dawn Weiner naked. But... This just clearly wasn't the role for her. Unexpected? Clearly.

Goldie Hawn is another actress whose work in the 1970s and early 1980s made her something of an icon. There was The Sugarland Express, Shampoo and Foul Play, just to name a few coming off her star making turn in the comedy series Laugh-In. So when she got nude in Wildcats, this garden variety fish out of water tale that sees a woman coach a high school football team, it kinda didn't matter. By that I mean, you take the nude scene out of this movie and you essentially have the same movie. Somehow, that made it unexpected.

Ann-Margret had become something of an icon before doing Carnal Knowledge. She had been in Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas and other bubblegum-beach blanket flicks. However, Carnal Knowledge was a cool film, with a cool cast (Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkle) and a cool director named Mike Nichols. Make no mistake, she had been in other good films, but there was something that made this movie special. So when Ann-Margret picked this one to show it all off, it was both surprising, expected and graciously appreciated. And...Quite special indeed.

There you have it. Those are certainly some of the most shocking and surprising nude scenes to ever come out of Hollywood. What makes an actress decide to go nude? A lot factors into it, we're sure. Do you feel we missed anyone? And who were you most shocked to see bare all in the long history of nude scenes in movies?

Longtime Movieweb contributor that was uploading 1-minute movie reviews to the world wide web via AOL before Youtube or social media existed. I make tons of straight-to-video movies you can find at Amazon & Vimeo. DVDs are back and I like it!


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