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Type 2 , Some of Big Companies have already given increment, Even Few have given additional Bonus apart from their apprisals and regular Bonus as token of appreciation for employees dedication to organisation during COVID Period eg#PWC , #accenture



COVID proved that employees understand issues of employers cash flows and hence cooperated with Salary cuts, Forced Leaves etc. Employers of Category 1 & 2 also realise the importance of employees and their contribution hence have started the appraisals as well as given additional Bonuses, But , It is high time that the employees in Cat 3,4& 5 also start hiring , apprise their people of situation if cash flow is an issue , communicate to staff as their employee have also some idea about impact of COVID on the companies in which they are working and have started getting offers from Cat 1 and Cat 2 Companies. This years apprisal is a two years apprisal and employees for sure will divide the Percentage they get by 2,3 4 or what ever years for which they have not been apprised.

Henry C. Luce, presently confined in San Quentin Prison serving a sentence for felony indecent exposure (Pen. Code, 314), seeks discharge by writ of habeas corpus (see People v. Dowding, 185 Cal. App. 2d 274, 276-277 [8 Cal.Rptr. 208]). His petition is predicated on the ground that a prior conviction for a like offense, which was used to elevate the present offense from misdemeanor to felony status (see Pen. Code, 314, subd. 2, par. 2), was entered upon a plea of guilty made without apprisal or awareness of his right to counsel or waiver of such right. 041b061a72


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