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Couple Rings Set are an EVIL CURSE.Technically speaking the curse is a curse to whom by whom? A curse on you? Someone who would like to get married and gives you a engagement ring? Your ex? Your ex? Elves? Elves? If you're planning to give the promise ring to someone as a gift, would you really want to harm the person you love? It's a nonsensical idea from any perspective. A promise ring confirms the wedding vow. There are no hidden meanings or bad spells (but you should still be courteous to your neighbor).

PROMISE Rings Is A Joke

If the person behind the joke is dishonest, or to put it mildly not very smart it could be an act of prank. We are sure that your loved one will not be that way. Therefore all they say and do is true. A promise ring confirms the words that were spoken. This means that you don't need to wonder if you dreamed the promise. Look at your hands and realize it was - and is in fact. This is a promise ring.


Well, no. Actually they are re-entering in fashion and getting more popular. The wide range of and flexible fashion trends mean that you can pick any design and it will be suitable for everyday use. This is the best thing about choosing a promise ring now - you can choose anything you like, and the choices are almost endless.

PROMISE RINGS are considered sacred and ONLY PEOPLE who attend church regularly CAN WEAR THEM

No they are not. These rings aren't tied to any specific Christian denomination or world religion, nor are they tied to any particular spiritual practice. These rings are not religious and don't convey any religious significance when you give or receive them. Be faithful to the promises you make and to the person you love, as that is the only rule.

A Promise ring is another name FOR A PURITY RING.

It's not true. The two ring designs serve different purpose. A purity ring signifies the vow to refrain from sexual activities until marriage. This is similar to a person making a promise to God or themselves that they will not engage in sexual relations prior to marriage due to religious or ethical reasons. It is not required to be a lover to wear a purity band. A promise ring is the wedding vows of two lovers. You can have a sexy time every now and again and plan a wedding for the future. The purpose and result of the two pieces is completely different.


Not necessarily. If you're trying to determine the age at which a teenager can exchange a promise ring and they are able to wait until they are legally old enough to marry (if they'd like to).

ENGAGEMENT rings can't be small and cheap, they have TO BE EXPENSIVE.

Not at all. These rings are offered in a variety of price ranges. You may want to spend a few dollars but you're better off saving some money to spend on the engagement ring which is supposed to be a jewelry piece. A wedding ring doesn't have to be expensive, especially when you consider it will be stacked up with the wedding band, engagement ring, or other rings.

PROMISE RINGS WILL GO AWAY in the near future.

Celebrities are often the ones to pick up trends and make them popular however, they didn't come in that way. Promise rings are experiencing a renaissance. They have existed for a long time but they were not as well-known to the public. Celebrities simply ride the wave of interest but that wave won't last long after the gossip about a pop star's latest engagement ring has gone away.


The presentation of the engagement ring demands some effort, but is far removed from the complexities of arranging the engagement rings presentation in accordance with current Instagram fashion.


The promise ring should be made public after careful consideration and understanding of the decision taken. Like I said, it's not a joke, it's a commitment. Make sure that your plans as two couples are on the same page and that both of you are ready to wait (or to be married). After this initial meeting and discussion, you can actually choose the rings and exchange them between you.


Let's review the stages of the promise rings. the results to determine the sequence of actions that should be performed.

WHAT to do prior GIVING A RING

Before you make a commitment you must talk to your partner. You and your partner must decide if you want to marry. You can also agree on the date, approximate time frame as well as the amount of time that the wedding will be delayed. It is only then that it is appropriate to make promises to seal your commitment. After you've had this discussion and everything has been put in place, you can begin shopping for the wedding ring.

How to choose a wedding ring

It can be difficult to choose an ring, due to the numerous styles and designs. Take a look together or ask for preferences in style before you purchase. You can inquire about the birthstone, the gemstones that your loved one is fond of or best of all, a fad style and hope for the better. If you purchase from a reputable jewelry company, every ring is guaranteed to be perfect and will not disappoint the receiver of the gift. A promise ring is typically paired with a variety of other rings, which means it can be enhanced by their designs and looks different every time the combination of stacking rings changes.


The presentation is informal. It does not appear like a formal occasion. It can be done in a cafe, at dinner, or wherever you are at ease. It is recommended that you and your partner are on your own. This will ensure that you aren't distracted by the crowd of cheering people or the scrutinizing gaze of your future inlaws.

Do not kneel when handing the ring. This is not a formality and is not the final offer. Don't get caught up in the confusion and don't let your loved ones believe that it's a proposal. It's not. (This is an opportunity to remind you of what a promise-ring means in case you aren't aware). Keep it simple, casual and clearly separate from your engagement.

Wearing a Promise Ring: Are there any rules that are strict?

The ring is worn in conjunction with other rings or on the finger you prefer. It is the easiest answer to the question of where a ring is or which hand it goes on. It is not necessary to inform everyone about the meaning of the ring. It is possible to keep it as a private, sweet treat. Your family and friends will eventually be aware of your engagement and subsequent wedding.


The most important thing to remember about the promise ring is that it keeps the promise. Once you've handed the rings to the person you wish to marry, you should be married to them according to the timeframe you've specified in your goals for the couple. You won't be dragged to court, but what's the point of a promise ring? Take it seriously and in a controlled manner. You'll be rewarded with a happy marriage.

After you've got married, your engagement rings become an item that you can keep and be worn as a piece of jewelry.


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