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Watch Kai Po Che Online in HD 1080p - The Best Bollywood Drama of 2013

Rock On!!! A movie with a simple story. Could have gone unnoticed but what held it was the presentation style, the performances,the music.Coming from the director of the same is Kai Po Che!!As the movie starts it gets deep into you as you watch the start credits along with Amith Sadh's expression and riveting background score and you will tell yourself that hardly we had seen such a breezing start to a movie.Substance is what holds this movie very well. The movie is set between 2000 and 2002 and has friendship and cricket as the main backdrop. Events that take place in their lives as the movie progresses flawlessly from light drama to a dark venture.Sushant Singh Rajput makes a confident Debut. Amit Sadh is superb. Amrita Puri makes full justice but the one who stands out is Rajkumar Yadav.The Music of the movie is the Soul and song timings are perfect in the movie. Background Music is the best we had heard in recent times.In all its a movie which requires recognition since we are used to masala murder flicks and this movie brings us the deserved change.Kai Po Che is sure to rock and will end up with a cult following as Rock On did.

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