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Ge Ifix Io Drivers __FULL__

In order for each primary block in the database to receive data, you must connect to your I/O using an I/O driver. The driver you select depends on your process hardware. GE sells drivers for many types of hardware. Contact your GE Sales Representative, or refer to our web site at at for a list of available drivers.

Ge Ifix Io Drivers


You can use the SIM and SM2 to test your chains before you connect to real I/O. The simulation drivers are matrixes of addresses. Database blocks read values from and write values to these addresses. If one block writes to a specific address, other blocks can read the same value from the same address. You can save these values when you save the process database; however, iFIX removes them from memory when SAC starts or you reload the database.

TOP Server and it's many drivers include a number of flexible and powerful features designed to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize driver compatibility with the widest range of devices.

The TOP Server configuration interface uses an architecture that makes it easy to setup both small and large scale projects and to apply learning from one driver to the many other drivers available through common settings across drivers.

And certain industries generally have specific communication protocol needs or standards that are commonly implemented industry-wide, so TOP Server has available vertical industry suites that provide bundles of the most common drivers per industry.

The terminal server is not a SCADA node so the SCADA Support should be disabled on the terminal server. The other features will be grayed out.When configuring the SCADA node the SCADA Support is enabled and the database and I/O drivers can be defined.Select OK to accept the configuration.

  • Data Formats SupportedX - Input Point

  • Y - Output Point

  • BI - Byte Input

  • BO - Byte Output

  • K (or WI) - Word Input

  • V (or WO) - Word Output

  • DWI - DWord Input

  • DWO - DWord Output

  • FI - Float Input

  • FO - Float Output

  • DBI - Double Input

  • DBO - Double Output

AutomationDirect Productivity Series EthernetThe AutomationDirect Productivity Series Ethernet uses the Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet protocol to provide connectivity to Productivity Series controllers configured as Modbus TCP Servers. This driver also supports our NIC Selectability feature that lets you control and specify which network card to use in your PC when multiple cards are present.Supported Features:Protocol: Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet ProtocolAdvanced Data Handling:Configurable Block SizeConfigurable Word Order Automatic Tag Database Generation (from Programming Software generated .CSV File) Array Support (One and Two Dimensions)Device Models:Productivity Series ControllersDirectNet Serial Driver:PLC Direct PLCs listed below using RS-232 or RS-422 multidrop serial connections.Features / PLC Support: Protocol: Koyo DirectNET Hex Mode Protocol[DL-205 FAMILY]:DL-230, DL-240, DL-250(-1), DL-260[DL-305 FAMILY]:DL330, DL340 [DL-405 FAMILY]:DL430, DL440, DL450 GE Series One, TI 305, Simatic/TI 305Multiple data formats such as Long Word, and BCD are supported.K-Sequence Serial Driver:Provides connectivity to Automation Direct (PLC Direct/Koyo) PLCs listed below using their K-Sequence Protocol and RS-232 or 422 multidrop connections.Features / PLC Support: Protocol: Koyo K-SequenceSG Series PLCs and SL Series PLCsDL-05, DL-06DL-105[DL-205 FAMILY]:DL-230, DL-240, DL-250(-1), DL-260[DL-405 FAMILY]:DL-430, DL-440, DL-450Multiple data formats such as Double Word, Long Word, and BCD are supported.The two serial drivers in this Suite also support Encapsulated Ethernet Mode which provides provide data exchange between OPC Clients and serial devices connected to an Ethernet serial port server device such as the Lantronix Co-Box. This driver solves the problem of linking remotely mounted serial devices to the plant floor ethernet network. By using the Lantronix Cobox products, both natively Ethernet based devices as well a serial port devices can all be access from a single network connection dramatically reducing wiring requirements. Learn more about Ethernet Encapsulation.General Features:This communications driver is a member of the TOP Server family of products and shares a number of powerful features in common with all of the products in the TOP Server family. The TOP Server family represents the latest in client-server communications technology for connecting HMI, Historian, Database, and other applications to plant floor equipment.

Legacy Support for DDEWhile OPC has become the most common choice for communications drivers in the automation market, we realize that not everyone can replace their client software with the latest OPC technology. For this reason, TOP Server is one of the few OPC servers on the market to also simultaneously support Wonderware's FastDDE and Suitelink interfaces, Rockwell's AdvanceDDE and Microsoft's standard DDE interfaces for connecting the TOP Server to your client application. With the TOP Server, you can connect to your legacy DDE clients today and move smoothly to the world of OPC when you are ready and not have to worry about replacing or re-configuring the communications driver connecting you to your production machinery.

  • Other Powerful Features in the TOP Server include: OPC Tag Browsing

  • Modem support built-in for serial drivers

  • Ethernet encapsulation support built-in for most serial drivers

  • Auto-demotion (i.e. slow polling) support

  • Extensive help files and examples of how to use the TOP Server with popular OPC clients

  • Visual Basic OPC client sample code

  • 32-bit high performance multi-threaded drivers

  • Run as a Windows service for unattended operation

  • Works with any OPC client or DDE, AdvancedDDE client application

Works with Wonderware's FastDDE and SuiteLink interfacesFor details on additional functionality and optional features click hereSpecifications (Operating Systems/Client Interfaces/Hardware Requirements) STAY CONNECTED1-888-665-3678 (US + Canada)+1-704-849-2773 (Global)+1-704-849-6388 (Fax)


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