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Make Your Presentations Stand Out with These Free 3D Animated PowerPoint Templates

Download free 3D PowerPoint templates with animations for presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. You can download more than 300 free animated 3D PowerPoint template designs for presentations and 3d PowerPoint backgrounds to make stunning presentations in PowerPoint. These PPT templates with 3D objects can be used to decorate your slide designs with attractive 3D designs.

A single animated PowerPoint template will create a more engaging presentation. But soon, you'll need another. You can save a lot of time by bookmarking a template resource that offers animated slide decks. And wouldn't it be nice if they were free, too?

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Download apk:

Canva offers several animated presentation templates as well. You can edit, record, and share them right in the browser! You can also download them as PPTX files. To edit them in PowerPoint instead of Canva's browser software, follow these steps:

Envato Elements is a premium website, but you can grab a total of twelve free templates for download every month. Envato Elements has a good stock of animated PowerPoint templates for meetings, as well as webinars and reports.

Slidesgo offers a host of free as well as premium animated templates. These files work in both PowerPoint and Google Slides. They're available in many themes, from birthday slideshows to infographics.

Slideegg is yet another template resource. It limits free accounts to five downloads per day. Each download contains a single animated slide. On one hand, this means you might need two or more days to grab enough slides. On the other hand, mixing and matching gives you almost endless possibilities.

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You can also add templates to your Wish List to save them for later. Most templates are geared toward infographics and other informational presentations. But you can still find fun animated slides for brand demonstrations and events, too.

SlideSalad has several business and informational templates. They provide slick, animated designs for proposals, reports, portfolios, and more. Graduate students can also find attractive templates for thesis defense.

You will need a free account to download templates. You can set the filters to Free to see the entire collection of freely available templates. SlideSalad also has premium templates, but doesn't run on a subscription plan. Instead, you'll need to pay per-order for premium templates.

Presenter Media offers a variety of presentation tools and resources, including professionally-designed PowerPoint templates, animated clip art and 3D animations, customizable video backgrounds, and stock images.

Slide Chef is another free slide resource. Its templates are for Google Slides, but you can use the files in PowerPoint as well. You'll get access to a variety of templates that are good for children's lessons. The animation is sure to help hold their attention.

This private Gumroad shop has several free PowerPoint templates. It specializes in infographics and charts, so it's great for explainers and business reports. Some are editable in Excel, so you can integrate your detailed charts and graphics.

PowerPlugs Ultimate Combo is a multimedia enhancement suite for PowerPoint. It includes 21 full volumes of presentation-enhancing multimedia content and effects. It also offers over 4 million professionally designed PowerPoint templates, about 100 background videos, 1,900 visually-stunning charts and diagrams, and 75 animated 3D character slides.

To help you make the most of your time on stage or a screen, use animated PowerPoint templates in your content to add a new angle to your visuals. Slide decks with animated features work well for webinars, step-by-step video tutorials or a trends report full of charts and graphs.

Visme turns your animated PowerPoint templates into amazing data visualization presentations. All charts and graphs created with the Graph Engine can not only be animated, but they can also have interactivity.

In the meantime, we also refreshed and updated all links for the selection of the best free templates for PowerPoint that you can download in 2021, all still high-quality designs that check out well in 2022.

This infographic templates bundle with over 500 premade infographics includes 20 absolutely free templates for PowerPoint. Editable in many software products such as PowerPoint, Google Slides, Adobe CC, and more.

We hope you enjoyed our hand-picked selection of the best free PowerPoint templates to download in 2022. You can use these templates the way they are or completely transform them to match your personal style and make your next presentation spectacular.

Pro tip: Bookmark this page so you always have access to these free templates no matter the occasion for your presentation. This one smart move will save you time searching for this guide and all the awesome free templates we shared today.

Do you have a new PowerPoint presentation to design? It's key to capture your audience's attention. Creating an eye-catching animated presentation is a great way to do that! Try using animated PowerPoint templates.

If your budget is tight, you may want to get a free animated PowerPoint template. A PowerPoint presentation with animation effects free to download can save you money, but its number of features is limited.

Every month, Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files. You find more than awesome PowerPoint templates with animation. The selection includes fonts, presentations, videos, and more. Create an account now to download this month's free premium files!

This is a nature-inspired example of PowerPoint animation templates. It has a moving background for Powerpoint featuring a field of grass. It's one of the animated PowerPoint templates that are free to download.

No matter what type of template you choose, it helps to have tips to work with animated PowerPoint templates. For these tips, we'll be working with the premium template, HEXA - PowerPoint Presentation Template.

We shared some of the best-animated PowerPoint template resources. You saw free and premium options. You also learned how PowerPoint slide animations can make your presentation stronger. Plus, you now know how to use some of the most popular animation tools.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly. We add new animated presentation templates with the best designs. This post has been updated with contributions from Barni Rajah, Andrew Childress, Maria Villanueva, and Renata Martin Intriago. Barni and Andrew are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+.Maria is the Associate Editor of the Tuts+ Design channel.Renata is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

The Zoom PowerPoint Templates are predesigned and ready-to-use pictorial designs that depict the zoom-in effect of your presentation content to your audiences. It is available in a variety of layouts and sizes. These templates are adaptable and can be used in various industries and organizations, and you can download and modify any of these templates to suit your needs.

Here begins the creation of your most creative presentation, download the powerpoint template, background and slides infographics that you like the most and become a Presentation Pro with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint templates

Download for free this Digital Notebook PowerPoint Template with a page curl transition, can be use for students, teachers to put goodnotes, has animated infographics and texts, tabs and more to create a multipurpose presentation. More

World and country maps are impressive media to use, when it comes to presenting data bases. In the time of globalisation such data becomes more and more important, so you might be in need of such mappings real soon (or you already are and that is why you are here). Exactly for that reason, we have prepared a complete PowerPoint filled with different world and country maps to download. This template serves you mappings to use right away, but also shows you how to add text, pictogram's and data to your presentation maps, in an interesting way. Of course you can change any of those slides to your preferences by adjusting the colours, forms, layouts and so on. Read our instruction to learn how to edit maps in PowerPoint. Map chart are a relatively new feature of PowerPoint - it's only available since Office 2019 or Office 365! If you also want to use your mappings in older versions of PowerPoint, the compatibility mode could be a nice solution. Office offers this mode to make it easier to work with different versions of PowerPoint without creating many problems. Click here to get more information on the official Microsoft site.

With the help of PowerPoints map function you can create maps directly in PowerPoint and edit them as you like. We have created some country and world map templates which you can download here for free. You can read here everything around maps in PowerPoint.

Do you need free PowerPoint templates for your next presentation? Look no further. We are providing 50 awesome free PPT templates that are used commonly in presentations. Combining creative PowerPoint layouts with icons, professional colors, images, and business diagrams, each template design is sure to take your PPT presentation to the next level.

Is it free to download, really? Yes, all PPT slides are free. There is no catch. None whatsoever. We want to help you create stellar PowerPoint presentations and put an end to Death by PowerPoint. Research has proved that visual slides are remembered more than text slides. Visual PowerPoint presentations are more engaging and help you put your message across with success. For these reasons, a professional PPT template is necessary if you wish to be a successful presenter. Go ahead, download these free PowerPoint templates for business by simply clicking on the link.

Introduce yourself with impact using this free About Me PowerPoint Template. Whether you wish to create a creative visual resume design or give a summary of your personal profile to any company, use this presentation slide to neatly arrange your profile description under headings and sub-points. The design also has a placeholder to add your image. The template is fully editable. Formatting and arrangement of sections is impeccable. Go ahead and download this free self introduction PPT template:


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