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[S3E15] Take Me To Your Leader

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Meanwhile, back at the prison, Rick comes clean to the much-diminished group. He tells them about his plan to hand over Michonne, and then he admits that he was wrong before, that the strength of the group is the group itself, not its leader. "I'm not your Governor," Rick tells them. Whether they stay or go will be up to a vote and not the decision of one man.

Danny Williams: Hey! What are we doingSteve McGarrett: You're not doing anything. I'm gonna take the car, draw his fire. When Kono gets the shot, she's gonna take it, okayDanny Williams: Steve, he's a sniper, okay You're not gonna make it to the end of the block. Oh, yeah, don't listen to me!(Steve jumps into the car)Danny Williams: Don't listen to reason! Be you! It's very you of you!(Steve drives off with the sniper shooting for him)(Danny runs out of cover to lay suppression fire for Steve)(Kono shoots the sniper)Danny Williams: Nice shot, Kono.(Steve walking back to the group)Steve McGarrett: What was that What are you, Scarface What were you thinkingDanny Williams: I don't know, I guess I misinterpreted your game plan, which for the record was seriously flawed.Steve McGarrett: You were worried about me.Danny Williams: Worried No, no, I was worried about my car.Steve McGarrett: I'm touched. (smiles)Danny Williams: Yeah, you're touched. You're touched in the head. You are touched by something that I cannot explain. And so you know, there are a lot of things on this planet that I am worried about. Losing you in a combat situation is not one of them. Okay

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While McKay stays with Nola, Sheppard takes Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex to visit "his" civilization, located across the river. There they meet Baden, the aggressive leader of Hallona. He reveals that at the command of Geldar's Oracle, the Geldarans have begun mining for valuable coal under his country. He believes that the proper response is to launch an attack.

The two leaders are brought back to Atlantis to learn about the Ancient technology and to have their dispute mediated by Dr. Elizabeth Weir, but they refuse to cooperate. Tensions are high, and as a result of Sheppard and McKay's "game", the two peoples now stand on the brink of war. Despite their best attempts, neither Weir, McKay, nor Sheppard can convince them to make peace, and Baden takes advantage of the game room to order an attack on the mine. 59ce067264


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